Daniel Tedman

As a Security Focused Software Engineer, I am committed to participating in the development of a secure and accessible web.

Atkinson Hyperlegible

I am interested in contributing to making the web accessible to as many people as possible. When I heard about a project to design a typeface with the goal of increasing readability, I was interested in trying it out for myself.

Contributing to a Google Open Source Project

A chance encounter with a failing osv-scanner job, gave me the opportunity to contribute to a Google Open Source Project, learn more about Go, and help others avoid running into the same issue in the future.

Accretion (The Beginning)

Manage internal technical documentation that is enriched with live data accreted from your environment.

Go Homebrew Package

Go is an excellent language for writing command line tools, and Homebrew is the de facto package manager for macOS. This guide provides step by step instructions on how to get from go source code to published homebrew package.

Full Stack Faction

Product teams allow for cross-discipline collaboration, but can make it difficult for Developers to collaborate across the organisation with other Developers. The solution at my employer was the creation of a discipline specific guild called the Full Stack Faction.

Zero Downtime WordPress to Vue SPA & Spring BFF Migration

An implemented proposal for how my team achieved zero downtime while migrating a WordPress website to a Vue SPA and Spring BFF in Kubernetes.

Embedding Content Within an Existing Site With PostCSS Prefix Wrap

Embedding content within an existing site that you do not control, can be made possible with PostCSS Prefix Wrap, including third party libraries that you do not maintain.

Maintainable Legacy CSS With PostCSS Prefix Wrap

Maintaining legacy CSS critical to support parts of your website that can not yet be upgraded, can be made maintainable with PostCSS Prefix Wrap, including third party libraries that you do not maintain.

A Reluctant Leader

I am a Software Engineer, not a Manager. This is the story I tell myself on a regular basis since being promoted to a Delivery Management role. Now, after more than one year in this role, it is time to reflect on my journey so far. To share my experience from the perspective of a reluctant leader.